How to Use Feng Shui for Business

Feng Shui For Your Home Based Business

Believe it or not, there are many business people all over the world that use the principles of Feng Shui in their business. Many Asians believe Feng Shui is necessary in order to conduct proper business and business management. In fact, there are some famous businesspeople in the United States that are using Feng Shui and they have encountered good success in their business.

Many people have transformed themselves into entrepreneurs and having their office established in their home. This is a cost-effective way to start out because there is not much overhead.

On the other side, some people that work from home find themselves somewhat perplexed because it can be difficult for them to separate their home business from their personal lives and they don’t have a lot of interaction with other people. However, having a home base business outweighs the challenges and frustrations that people face working at a 9 to 5 job.

If you’re looking to attract wealth and abundance for your home based business using Feng Shui, here are some ways to incorporate it:

 You should always sit with a solid wall behind your back. Avoid sitting with a window behind you.

 You should not have a wall facing you while you’re at your desk working or when you come into the office.

 Wherever your wealth area is, you should have the office equipment placed there.

 In order for Chi to flow with harmony, place the tables and chairs in a strategic format.

 Have air-purifying plants in your home office. This will help supply you with a fresh quality of air and it will also increase the amount of oxygen generated in that area.

 Other than air-purifying plants, refrain from having any plants that have sharp edges, such as cactus.

 The entry door to your home office should be free of obstruction. If there is an obstruction, such as a table behind the door, the Chi will not operate correctly.

 In order to enhance the presence of Chi, a good idea is to install a hanging crystal in your home office.

 Your home office should be a good distance from your bedroom.

 Your home office should be about productivity. The colors of your home office should reflect that.

 The copy machine should not be near the main entry door. The heat from the copy machine can cause Chi not to flow correctly.

Feng Shui for Business

 If there is an empty vase near the main entry door, the Chi will find its way into the empty vase. This will be a detriment to the environment.

 If you have clients that come to see you, try placing a fish tank within the wealth area. This will help you get better results and probably more clients, which in turn, means more money. You have to be careful to follow the instructions for doing this, otherwise, it won’t work.

 In order to get Chi working properly, install a small indoor fountain in your wealth corner. This method will also help you health-wise.

 Keep your desks and surrounding areas clutter free. To help with this, the Chinese do not use paper trays. The concept is starting to make its way in the United States.

 Pay attention to the kind of light that you are using in your home office. You should use both natural and artificial lighting. You will not be able to function properly if you don’t have enough natural light.

You should also think about getting other types of lights, such as full-spectrum lights. These lights are similar to the natural light spectrum and they have been branded as healthier to use.
There are different areas of your home office that need to be nurtured with Feng Shui. In the North area, the Water Element is used as well as Metal. In your home office, it’s fine to have images with black or white frames.

The South area uses Fire for energy. You should refrain from having blue mirrors, or images of water that represent this color. The Southeast area is for images that represent prosperity and abundance. The Wood Element is used here. With this, you should refrain from Fire and Metal images.
Using these Feng Shui principles will help your business to thrive and grow in prosperity and abundance.

Feng Shui for Business


Using Feng Shui For Your Internet Business

You can use Feng Shui to create harmony for your websites. Your web pages must be aligned properly. You want the visitors that come to your site to have easy navigation and access. It should be a positive experience for them.

The pages should be clean and use bright colors for the background. If you create web pages with a dark color, it can be a turnoff to those that are visiting your website. In order to start to Chi flow, you can use bold colors.

White and blue are a few that come to mind. These colors are the symbols of air and water. If you use colors that don’t blend very well, your website will not be attractive. You can incorporate bad Feng Shui if it doesn’t look right.

Refrain from adding things like animated graphics that take away from the essence of the website. If it has to be part of the website, then make sure it’s something that looks natural.

On your website, you should have an area that displays a logo. This logo would be on every webpage that you create. Refrain from putting a lot of games and other gimmicks on your website and web pages. This can distract the visitors.

Your website should have the main menu page. All of the elements that you’re putting on the website should not be lined up on one side of the screen or cluttered on both sides of the screen.

Don’t make your website look so professional that no one will want to stay. Create websites that will bring harmony and a good atmosphere to the visitors. If you’re going to incorporate music, use music that is relaxing. This will help to create positive Chi.

The important thing with creating websites using Feng Shui is that you want them to be simple, easy to navigate and not look rushed or cluttered. Too much stuff on it and people will turn away in a heartbeat.

Ironically, having a rushed or cluttered website can be reflective of the person themselves. It’s about having a positive flow so that good Chi will continue to flow through.


Using Feng Shui For A Retail Business

You may want to open up a retail store. You have plenty of products, but you don’t have any idea on how to attract or keep customers once they set foot in your business. You don’t understand what’s going on and need some assistance in this arena.

Feng Shui

Using the principles of Feng Shui can change your situation. Here’s a look at some things that you can do to change the atmosphere of your business:

 You have too many things bunched together. The products are nice, but there’s no sense of what goes where. Or they may be thinking, “Why is this product here when it should be somewhere else?”

You must remove some of the products and leave some space between them. Bunching them up together does nothing but cause confusion for the customer. They feel it’s too much for them to look at.

Try to put the products into different categories. Then you’ll see a difference when customers come in. They’ll want to stay longer and look because they’re not confused and frustrated with what to purchase.

 The Feng Shui energy from the entry door to the back door is not flowing properly. In turn, you don’t get customers or sales. The minute the customer walks in the door, they need to be drawn in by what you have.

Be clear on the products you offer and their benefits. Customers always want to know what’s in it for them. After all, you’re marketing to them, so why not let them know how they can benefit if they purchase?

The entryway and the front area should be more visible than the back. They will see the front of the store first before they make their way back.

 Your aisles are not clear. You have things in the way that are creating obstacles for the customer. That should not be. A customer doesn’t want to be squeezing through or stepping over things just to get by. Make room in the aisles for them so they’ll have easy access to the products.

Some of these suggestions can be implemented for the internet as well. Conduct a survey or ask some of your customers are there things that you can make changes to with your store. You might be surprised by the answers. It’s very important that you tune in to the customer’s needs. Without them, there would be no business.

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