Feng Shui For Your Kitchen

Incorporating Feng Shui for your kitchen will take some surveying. You have to look at how it is placed within the home. The kitchen is usually located adjacent to the backyard of the home. There’s a good reason for that.

From a visual standpoint, if the kitchen was near or at the front, it could pose a mindset of issues with eating and nutrition. Having it in the front of the home could mean that you may be tempted to eat every time you enter. It would be just as bad if you have guests coming to visit. The first thing they would want to do is eat.

However, if your home is set up like this, you can do something about it. You could purchase a curtain and install in the area of the kitchen entryway. Or, you could have French doors measured to install in that area. Another idea you could implement is to have something that will pique their interest. This can cause a distraction on the real focus (the kitchen).

If you’re cooking, you should have an eye on the entryway of the kitchen. There is a kitchen where the stove is facing the wall. To implement to the Feng Shui method, people that are cooking can put a mirror over the stove.

For newer homes, builders are now including islands that sit in the middle of the kitchen area. This would be a good addition to the Feng Shui concept. When the island is strategically placed in the middle, the person that’s cooking can see what’s going on in another area.

When it’s set up this way, they can still be involved with what’s happening in a nearby area, along with continuing to cook meals.

This type of kitchen setup is inviting because it allows other people to come in and help cook. The original person that was doing all of the cooking won’t feel slighted. It can make for a greater camaraderie and relationship bonding.

In Feng Shui, the stove is the symbol of health and wealth. All of the burners should be used equally by doing rotations. Don’t use one or two burners and leave the rest unused. Using all four in the equal rotation can cause you to receive money from more than one source.

It has been noted that with the older model stoves, those are actually better because they incorporate the Feng Shui method of slowing down. Take a good look at what’s going on and what you’re doing.

While microwaving food may be quick and convenient, in the interim you may still feel rushed. People that faithfully practice the Feng Shui method do not like to use microwaves due to lots of radiation.

The kitchen should be one of the cleanest areas in the home. It should also be clutter-free. If you have anything that is not working properly or not working at all, it should be discarded. Having something that doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly defeats the purpose and the principles of Feng Shui.

You can also use different design methods and patterns from the Feng Shui concept. The methods most used are a Shaker style concept, contemporary with solid colors and wood grains and a wealthy look that comes with carvings and other related items.

The kitchen should have adequate lighting and using different types. There should be enough space to move around. The more space you have, the better. If it means you have to move machines and appliances to create more space, then so be it.

You don’t need a lot of kitchen equipment or utensils in front of you. Use only the things that you’re going to cook with. When you’re finished with those items, you can place them in the sink to be washed later. At least they will be out of the way.

To increase the energy in the kitchen, you may want to have some fruit, flowers or a plant on the table. This will also brighten up the kitchen to make it look more inviting. Cooking in the kitchen is where the heart is. You want to have a place where people can come and enjoy your company.

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